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Intellectual Property and Digital Technology

Every company has intellectual property that is the backbone of its business: the reason its customers come to it!  At DS Lawyers Canada, we understand the importance of protecting the expertise reflected in your intangible assets such as trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs and patents. Our team of intellectual property lawyers is here to make our skills and knowledge available to you by offering you strategic legal advice to help you secure your intellectual property rights and ensure they are recognized.

Intellectual property legal services

Our group of intellectual property lawyers at DS Lawyers Canada is made up of experienced lawyers who specialize in trademarks and copyright. We help our clients protect and monetize their intangible assets and defend their business interests by providing practical legal advice tailored to their specific needs.

We recognize that every business has unique legal needs, and that is why we offer customized solutions to address every situation. Whether you need to protect your company's existing intellectual property assets or develop new strategies around intellectual property, we are here to help you.

Here is an overview of our main services:

  • Trademarks: We can help you protect your trademarks by conducting thorough searches to ensure their availability and registering them with the appropriate authorities, in Canada and around the world. We’ll make sure your trademarks are properly protected, and we’ll help you monitor their use and any possible infringement. We’ll help you manage your global portfolio by handling property registrations, renewals and transfers to registries around the world.
  • Copyright: We can advise you on how to protect your copyrights and how to enforce them. We can assist you in registering your original works—be they literary, artistic, musical, software or multimedia—and asserting your rights in the event of infringement.
  • Industrial design: We’ll help you protect the aesthetic aspect of your products by applying for registration in Canada and internationally. We’ll work closely with agents around the world to ensure that your rights are protected.
  • Patents: We can help you protect your inventions and innovations by filing patent applications. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your technology and prepare a strong application that meets patentability criteria. We can also help you defend your patents in the event of litigation.
  • Trade secrets: We can advise you on how to protect your trade secrets and your company’s confidential information. We’ll help you draw up solid confidentiality agreements to protect your strategic information and we’ll intervene if trade secrets are infringed or stolen.
  • Intellectual property disputes: In the event of a dispute involving a trademark, copyright, patent or other intellectual property right, our team will be there to represent you. We have extensive experience in resolving intellectual property disputes and we’ll strive to protect your rights and interests effectively.
  • Intellectual property contracts: We’ll support you in your efforts to maximize the value of your intellectual property portfolio by helping you negotiate service contracts, employment contracts, technology transfers, licensing agreements, franchise agreements, financing transactions or mergers and acquisitions that may affect your intellectual property portfolio. Our intellectual property team will work very closely with our finance, corporate (mergers and acquisitions) and labour law teams to ensure that all aspects of intellectual property are properly managed.

Why choose DS Lawyers Canada?

DS Lawyers is recognized for its expertise in trademarks and in-depth knowledge of intellectual property, along with its ability to provide customized, strategic legal advice. Whether you're an innovative start-up, an established company or an independent creator, we'll do our utmost to help you protect your intellectual property rights and ensure they are recognized.


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