From local to global

Founded in 1972, DS Lawyers reflects an extraordinary business adventure spanning four continents.

Forward-thinking and adventurous, DS Lawyers was among the first French law firms to open offices in jurisdictions still considered “emerging” at the time. Now, those markets are engines of the global economy and international transaction hubs.

In particular, DS Lawyers was the first French law firm to open an office in China in 1986. For more than 30 years, the firm has built an experienced and fluently bilingual team dedicated to supporting French and international clients to enter the market and develop their businesses in China and Asia

As part of its strategy to become an international law firm, DS Lawyers expanded into new regions, including North America (Canada), South America (Argentina, Chile, Peru), and Africa (Senegal), while reinforcing its presence in Europe (Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium).

The firm has also adopted a decentralized model: its offices are based locally and work together with the international offices to provide efficient and innovative assistance to clients with all their expansion and development projects globally.

Today, DS Lawyers has about 400 legal professionals, including lawyers and other legal practitioners, and has developed dual expertise in transactional and contentious matters in all areas of business law.

The values of DS Lawyers - excellence, availability, agility, and international mindset - are at the heart of our commitment to our clients.

Governance of DS Lawyers

Founded on the principles of excellence, benevolence, and good governance, DS Lawyers Canada continues to grow while preserving the entrepreneurial approach of its origins. A well-known and respected player in the profession, DS Lawyers has, over time, always been able to adapt to economic and political changes along with the new demands of its clients. This evolution has allowed the firm to consolidate its solidity and pursue its growth. As an international group, DS Lawyers Canada has strengthened its technological and human resources to offer its clients top-quality services. In addition, it continues offering new and emerging services that meet the business needs of its local and national clients.   DS Lawyers Canada continues to expand with confidence, vision, and enthusiasm by intensifying its activities in the Canadian markets it knows best.


ESG Commitments

We believe that all businesses, including our firm, must be part of the solution to solving the most important problems facing our society. We have a responsibility to respond to the changes that are shaking the world, and we do so by integrating our environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments into everything we do.

What’s more, we understand that ESG issues impact financial performance and the long-term success of companies.

That is why we work with our clients to help create long-term value through sustainability. We help organizations integrate ESG issues into their operations where the framework allows.




Pro Bono

Our pro bono investment is deeply rooted in our corporate and environmental responsibility. This renewed commitment to serving the public interest is based on the fundamental values of the practice of law.

In every country where we are based, our lawyers contribute, both individually and collectively, to public interest and community projects by, for example, providing free legal support to ensure equal access to justice for all and sponsoring youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

DS Avocats is a member of the Alliance of Lawyers for Human Rights (AADH), which provides free and confidential legal advice to organisations, associations and institutions that protect human and environmental rights.

The firm also supports Planète Urgence, an NGO that works to protect forests and biodiversity.