This lawyer now holds two Canadian bars

We are pleased to announce that litigation lawyer Neelum Raja became a member of the Law Society of Alberta  on January 9th, 2024, joining her Ontario Bar in 2022.

Her practice focuses on commercial litigation and contract law primarily in the areas of bankruptcy and insolvency, insurance, and telecommunications infrastructure. Before joining DS Lawyers, Neelum worked in the insurance industry. She was responsible for the assessment and mitigation of risks and management of business operations. As a result, she firmly believes that effective legal strategies are grounded in clear communication and a client-centric approach.

DS Lawyers is committed to providing high-quality services to its business clients as they grow locally and across Canada.

We offer her our most sincere congratulations!

Court orders Manitoba lawyers to disclose use of artificial intelligence

Explanation by our lawyers in Law 360

Ottawa (Canada) – With the still new, but rapid, development of artificial intelligence, the Manitoba Court of King’s Bench—one of the first courts in North America—issued a directive to ensure that all lawyers henceforth disclose any use of artificial intelligence in the preparation of documents.

The June 23, 2023, directive follows a recent case in a New York that made headlines because a firm used ChatGPT as part of its research strategy. Some of the cases mentioned in the brief were entirely fictitious.

Ryan Flewelling, lawyer and partner, and Neelum Raja, lawyer, take a look at the ins and outs of this directive, but above all address good practices to adopt when it comes to artificial intelligence in the legal field.

To read their article entitled “Use of AI by legal profession raises accuracy, reliability concerns” published in Law 360, click below.