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Financing and banking

At DS Lawyers Canada, our lawyers truly understand that the foundation of any business rests on best practices in terms of lending and borrowing. That’s why our specialized Financing and Banking team is committed to providing you with reliable legal expertise that will help your business move in the right direction. Our lawyers are accustomed to acting on behalf of chartered banks and other lending financial institutions, as well as on behalf of corporate and institutional borrowers in the context of their financing needs.

The lawyers at DS Lawyers Canada have represented lenders and borrowers in bilateral, syndicated and international financing transactions, as well as on a wide range of commercial issues. Our lawyers who are specialized in banking law also have extensive experience in commercial debt, particularly with respect to syndicated credit lines and credit lines from a single bank, acquisition financing, institutional notes offerings and private offerings, structured financing, project financing, capital leases and other debt and quasi-debt instruments.

DS Lawyers has significant experience in senior and subordinated debt, as well as in mezzanine, second lien and bridge financing. Our clients also benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the negotiation of restrictive covenants, complex issues of subordination and equity between creditors, debt restructuring, asset securitization and transactions involving multiple layers of financing.

Here is an overview of our main areas of expertise:

  • Business financing: We can help you finance your projects and your growth. Whether that is through bank loans, lines of credit, issuing bonds, or fundraising, we will advise you on the best financing options and help you negotiate the terms.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: We can assist with mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, providing sound legal advice and ensuring that your interests are protected. We will conduct thorough due diligence, draw up the contractual documents, and assist you throughout the process of the transaction.
  • Financial product structuring: We can help you to structure and implement innovative financial products that are tailored to your needs. Whether those products are debt securities, derivatives, investment funds or complex financing structures, we will ensure that you are in compliance with current regulations and that your interests are protected.
  • Regulatory compliance: We can help you to comply with banking and financial regulations. We will help you understand legal requirements, implement compliance policies and procedures, and manage regulatory issues related to your banking and financial activities.
  • Litigation and dispute resolution: In the event of litigation or a dispute, our banking litigation team will represent you before the courts or arbitration bodies. We will implement effective conflict resolution strategies to protect your interests and defend your rights.

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