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Commercial Real Estate

At DS Lawyers Canada, we understand the complex challenges of the commercial and industrial real estate sector and related matters, including real estate project development and considerations related to investing in the sector. We are committed to providing leading-edge legal services to support and accompany businesses and industry stakeholders in their various real estate projects and transactions. In collaboration with the firm’s other departments, our experienced team of real estate lawyers is ready to accompany, advise and represent you and assert your rights as required in a multitude of situations and challenges faced by business people in the real estate industry and related fields, whether it’s in a transactional or commercial context or a litigation and dispute resolution process.

Legal services in commercial real estate

Our firm offers a full range of sound and tailored legal services. Whether you’re an owner, investor, developer or tenant of a commercial or industrial space, we’ll work closely with you and other stakeholders to achieve your goals. Here are some of the services we offer.

Real estate transactions: We can assist you in planning and executing your transactions from start to finish, including during the purchase, sale and rental of commercial or industrial real estate. We will draft, review and negotiate deeds and sales contracts, related ancillary agreements, commercial leases, and property management, development or construction agreements, protecting your interests and advising you throughout the process.

Due diligence: We are able to conduct in-depth analyses to assess the risks and opportunities associated with a commercial real estate transaction. In collaboration with our in-house notaries, we will review title deeds and related documents, existing contracts, permits and regulatory aspects (including environmental aspects) to provide you with a complete assessment of the current legal situation and specific advice on the array of questions or challenges that may arise.

Real estate financing: We can assist you in finding financing for your commercial real estate projects, as well as in drawing up and negotiating financing agreements and establishing related partnerships. We are able to negotiate loan agreements with lenders or financial partners and investors, and will assist you in structuring the various necessary transactions and operations, particularly in terms of meeting lender requirements.

Real estate and development projects: We can advise you on all the legal aspects inherent to planning and managing commercial or industrial real estate development projects, including condominium towers and hybrid projects. Our involvement can also extend to less traditional infrastructure construction projects (aerial or underground) or to the construction of plants or production or operating plans in a variety of fields, including energy and natural resources. We will ensure that projects comply with local and national regulations, including the matter of opting for and maintaining permits, occupational health and safety, and other legal considerations such as state rights or servitudes.

Real estate litigation: In the event of a dispute, we can assist you in managing a wide variety of disagreements or conflicts that may arise, and will represent you before arbitration tribunals and bodies. We have expertise in resolving disputes relating to leases, hidden defects, construction defects and other real estate issues in the context of litigation of a private nature or with public or parapublic entities.

Why choose DS Lawyers Canada?

DS Lawyers is renowned for its expertise in commercial real estate law and its solid experience in managing complex real estate transactions and large-scale projects. We understand the challenges faced by those in the commercial real estate sector and are committed to providing high-quality, results-driven advice.


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