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Telecommunications, Media and Technology

For those in the telecommunications, media and technology sector, new uses and technologies represent both an opportunity to develop, as well as a potential destabilising risk that needs to be controlled.

5G, artificial intelligence, big data, the IoT, etc., are all drivers for a transformation of the market, which is forcing both long-standing operators and new entrants to develop their operational models and find new competitive advantages. We see a convergence of network operators, access providers, content creators and presenters, equipment manufacturers and service providers, among others.

Furthermore, the sector is becoming more regulated, as new uses and innovations are subject to new standards. Operators need to anticipate future regulatory changes (tariffs, access, taxation, intellectual property, net neutrality, personal data protection, etc.).


The telecommunications sector depends on technological developments and the digital transformation is disrupting requirements and uses. This requires telephone and internet service providers to be increasingly flexible, in order to :

  • Adapt to the pace of innovation;
  • Manage their investment costs;
  • Diversify their offering.


New ways to consume media, such as replay and streaming, for example, have appeared as a result of new technologies. These are disrupting the traditional codes and business models. The industry is going through profound changes and is regrouping.

In order to pursue and optimise their development, traditional operators as well as new entrants have to consolidate and defend their strategies in a changing regulatory and commercial environment.


Technologies such as the cloud, AI, blockchain and the IoT have opened up new growth opportunities for software publishers, hardware manufacturers, service companies and digital platforms.

All operators looking to take advantage of these new opportunities have to anticipate and manage regulatory, commercial and policy pitfalls.

Our services

Our lawyers and legal professionals provide our clients in the telecommunications, media and technology sector with their expertise on the following :

  • Company law ;
  • Mergers and acquisitions ;
  • Partnerships and financing ;
  • Customs and international trade law ;
  • Commercial and competition law ;
  • Intellectual property, digital technology and data and personal data law ;
  • Tax law.

In both mature and emerging markets, we advise network operators, media companies, equipment manufacturers, etc., on all strategic and legal aspects of their international businesses.


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